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The structure and process of partnership and investment The preparation and construction projects (including residential, administrative, service, commercial and tourism) at the National Land and Housing Agency include the following instructions.

- Instruction Identifying and Evaluating Investment Opportunities

- Instructions for presenting and introducing investment packages

- Providing Organization Participation Practices

- The pattern of participation contracts for the implementation of land preparation and construction plan

- How to manage collaborative projects and how to control and monitor them

- Instructions on how to invite participation and evaluation and partner selection

- Methods for identifying and attracting domestic and foreign investors

- Instructions on how to use the contribution of the organization's staff in collaborative projects

Objectives of the structure

- Reduce Damage Caused by Suspending Collaborative Projects

- Reducing Damage Caused by Implementing Collaborative Projects

- The realization of the major objectives of the cooperative projects included: completion of the project of a desirable quality, with the projected and planned budget, as well as the shortening of the return period and the increase of the profit rate of capital

- Eliminating inconsistencies and conflicts of tasks in the structure of collaborative project implementation

Collaboration processes

Project Definition:

- Identify and introduce land

- land evaluation and feasibility

- Preparing an investment package

- Confirmation of investment package and approval in the budget

Holding a Call

- Preparing documents and obtaining necessary licenses

- Holding a Call

- Investors Assessment and Validation

- Announcement of winner of call and partner selection


- Completing Legal Documents & Licenses

- Draft contract

- Confirmation of Contract & Signing Contract Announcement

Run Project

- Land delivery and start of operation and contract registration

- Project monitoring and control

- deciding how to use - Sharing the contribution of the company - selling - Common exploitation

- Temporary Project Delivery

- The final delivery of the project and the release of guarantees and pledges

- Product Operation


Process Engineering & Technology Department

1- Land Preparation with Capital Organization

2- Earth Preparation

3- Rebooting Services Project

4- Implementing Capital Organization Project

5- Run collaborative project and occasions...

Conferences and occasions


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